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Fojo Law assists businesses and individuals with civil and criminal appeals.  Attorney Robert M. Fojo has handled numerous appeals at the state and federal level over the past decade.

Appellate attorneys represent clients in appeals from legal cases that have already been heard at the trial level or before some lower court.  They handle these cases in front of courts that are responsible for hearing and reviewing these appeals. Unlike normal trial litigation, appeals follow specialized rules specific to the appellate forum in which the case is being heard, and they focus on legal challenges to the decision reached by the lower court.  An appeal requires detailed research and writing and, at times, skilled oral advocacy if the case proceeds to oral argument before an appellate panel of judges.

Although the attorney who handled a case for a client at the trial level can certainly handle an appeal of the decision reached by the trial court, engaging a separate appeals lawyer may improve the chances of prevailing for several reasons.  First, the trial attorney may not be familiar with the specialized rules of the appellate court in which the appeal is being heard.  Second, an appellate attorney will provide a fresh set of eyes and perspective because he or she was not involved with the decisions made at the trial level and, thus, may approach the case more objectively.  Third, appeals lawyers – even if they also do trial work – often have more experience with researching and drafting the legal arguments necessary to prevail in an appeal.

If you or your client are involved in or considering an appeal, please contact Fojo Law for a free consultation, and we will assist you with evaluating and assessing your case.  We respect existing client relationships.

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