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“It All Starts With A Dream…”

Dreams fueled by passion and determination are the foundation of successful start-ups. We are experienced with advising and assisting entrepreneurs with making the key business decisions early on in the process to help them start their businesses out on the right footing, and to provide them with a sturdy platform for growth.

We combine our legal skills with our practical business experience to assist start-up founders with:

  • Selecting the best business entity for their new venture, whether a limited liability company, a corporation, or other specialty business entity.
  • Drafting formation documents, including articles of incorporation, operating agreements, corporate by-laws, and stockholder agreements.
  • Providing advice on capitalizing the business while maintaining compliance with applicable state and federal securities laws.
  • Selecting the most advantageous tax treatment for the business.
  • Working to manage the business’s employer rights and obligations: Creating ISO pools and other equity incentive plans; drafting  employment agreements, intellectual property rights assignments, non-disclosure agreements, and non-competition and non-solicitation agreements.
  • Protecting intellectual property by advising on trademark, copyright, and patent availability.

To discuss starting your new business, please contact Robert Fojo.